Lyndsey Searle
Centre-PieceCentre-PieceCentre-PieceCentre-PieceLyndsey was here making 'Dodo' 2012 xLyndsey was here making 'Dodo' 2012 x"Sculpture"Anthropological TerritoryUntitledAnthropological TerritoryAnthropological TerritoryPhysical Form with ConduitAnthropological TerritoryDeforming ObjectRocking FormWheeled ObjectWheeled ObjectAnthropological TerritoryConflicting Sense of AwarenessDeforming Object (view 2)Physical Form with Conduit - installation shot Object with VentsObject with VentsInvestigative FormPhysical Form (with conduit)
Home Page Photo - Anthropological Territory by Lyndsey Searle, 240 x 240 x 150cm, various construction materials, graffiti, PVC and pedals. Photo with thanks to 'Structure', CoExist Galleries and Joe Lang.

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